Monday, 17 May 2010

Bathroom Floor part II

I mentioned the other day that the bathroom floor isn't in as a good a condition as I expected. At some stage there has been a leak in the roof and the windows haven't been watertight. As a consequence, not only has the wood been water damaged, but it obviously became very appealing to wee beasties of the burrowing kind.

Playing in the dust to make the floor smooth

The sort of damage we are dealing with
After posting about this before we received lots of good advice, all of which we considered carefully. In the end, we decided to paint the floor with an exterior paint and then use an exterior varnish over the top. This gives us (we hope) a waterproof but interesting floor that shows its age without being too rickety looking. The one thing we really didn't want was a perfectly smooth and bland new looking floor.

Susan applying the first coat of paint.

After two coats of paint and one of varnish.
By the time we have finished the floor will have had two coats of paint and three of a clear exterior varnish. The varnish has slightly yellowed the colour, but the floor feels smooth underfoot, with no danger of splinters.


RIP Ronnie James Dio.


Trade plumbing Supplies said...

I love your blog! Thank you for sharing your pics.

Diogenes said...

The floor looks great painted. If you paint the walls a color, it may minimize the yellowing?

Unknown said...

Simon please wear a dust mask when sanding, you are to valuable to get ill.

Oh and buy Susan a bigger brush LOL

Susan said...

John: He won't wear a mask. He says it causes his glasses to fog up.
Interestingly, a bigger brush was purchased for Simon to do the varnish...

Simon said...

I had no input into the brush Susan chose (I would also have suggested she didn't use a glycerol brush, but that discussion is passed...)

Unknown said...

John: He won't wear a mask. He says it causes his glasses to fog up.

And your lungs!

plumbing said...

Looks like a big project. I'm so excited for the result of it. Did you post it already?

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