Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Day in the Country

Our friend Martine arranged for us to take some friends of hers out in Célestine for a treat, so here are some pictures of the day.

Célestine waiting patiently at the end of the track leading to a prehistoric burial chamber near le Liège.
Célestine in front of the Château de Montpoupon.
The view from the carpark at the Château de Montpoupon, looking out over the neighbouring auberge.


Paulita said...

What a postcard. Celestine leads a charmed life.

Amanda said...

Beautiful! Glad to know Martine and her friends arrive safely.

Jean said...

It's lovely to see everything looking so fresh and green. Celestine looks beautiful. I bet Martine's friends had a great time.

Simon said...

We had a really good day - some nice roads, good views, and excellent food and wine.

I won, of course - I got to drive Célestine for 12 hours :¬)

Andres said...

Doesn't Celestine need a normal numberplate?

Simon said...

Andres. Célestine has a normal (old style) numberplate. What you see is all due to the magic of photoshop.

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