Wednesday 5 May 2010


Anyone who has done plastering knows what a tricky, messy, longwinded affair it is. All that bandage flapping around, and muck falling off your trowel, and adding more scrape lines when you are trying to remove one.

Unless, of course, you get an expert in.

Patrick taped and plastered the joints, then plastered the ceiling, all in less than two hours on Monday morning. Yesterday morning he returned, sanded the whole lot and gave it a second coat - again in less than two hours. Anyone who has done plastering: watch this and weep!

The ceiling looks so good we are tempted not to do anything more to it.

Today Susan and I will sand back the joints (although Patrick is so neat that it hardly needs it), and then we dust down the walls and start undercoating. We bought 30 litres of undercoat yesterday evening, so we shouldn't run out!



wcs said...

Great! I hope our guys do as well!

Tony Morris said...

The most absurdly difficult job, for something that looks easy when done by an expert, I've ever tried!

Paulita said...

Okay, the first 45 seconds watching him mix the plaster was akin to watching paint dry. Of course, I've got the sound off so maybe you had a really interesting play by play going.

Simon said...

Paulita - I think only someone who has tried to mix and use plaster will get the full benefit!

Jean said...

It's all in the wrist action, I think.

Emm said...

Wow. Just wow. An artist at work.

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