Tuesday, 6 April 2010

An Update on the Works

Yesterday Stéphane and I started doing the wiring. This involved cutting holes in floors, ceilings and walls to run wires, and marking out where exactly the powerpoints, switches and lights will go. We also made a big hole in the outside wall where the extractor fan will go.

Once that was done we threaded the gaines (conduit) with wires inside. We are now at the stage where we can start to install the insulation and mount the placo (plasterboard) on its frame.

Electric Spaghetti. You can also
see the hole for the extractor
After that all we need is the plumber, then we can finish the plasterboard, install the electrics, and we have a room!!

A room with power points and light switches.

To the left of the top of the ladder is
where the extractor fan will vent.
We won't know ourselves - and doubly so when the shower and toilet are installed.

This will be the view from the shower
I had to leave Stéphane to work alone for a while yesterday, as I had work of my own to do. This is a good thing, as it means we are starting to make an income - even if it is less than we are spending, it all helps.



chm said...

Hi Simon,
I hope your placoplâtre is not made in China as the one used here. The fumes as very noxious and contractors have to rip it off from the walls, because people are getting sick from it.

Leon Sims said...

Simon and Susan,
Having paid you both a visit, we can now follow your renovations with a true interest.
We leave Paris on the 11th but will keep in touch into the future.
Thanks again for your hospitality.

Simon said...

CHM - Plaster of Paris, I hope!

Leon and Sue. Was great seeing you, have a good trip back, and next time you visit you can be amazed!!

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