Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Bridge at Chaumussay

The bridge over the Claise at Chaumussay has been resurfaced recently and while they were at it they cleaned the stones. While they were at it, we think they have widened the footpaths (but can't really remember - we can say for sure that they have changed the access to the footpath: now we can't just get to the bridge from the carpark, but have to walk to the end of a ramp and new path.

Here's what it looks like now, all pale, clean and lovely.
It looked like this before – picturesque and calm, but with grey and mottled stones.



Jean said...

A nice photo, Susan. Chaumussay is a lovely little village and has a fantastic vide grenier which we have been to twice.

I love the new header photo. It's great to see some blossom at last. But I also notice the "thought for the week" hasn't changed for a month. Is this because it is especially pertinent ??!!

chm said...

To tell you the whole truth, I like the before better than the after. In the before that bridge looks older than it really is and melds better into the surroundings. But the point is, the main purpose of a bridge is to let you go from one bank to the Calise, or whichever, to the other without getting your feet wet!

Simon said...

Jean. The thought for the week hasn't changed, because - like Voltaire - I haven't had a thought lately.

chm. I know what you eman, but it will probably look like that again in 2 years anyway

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