Friday, 2 April 2010


The hyacinths are bursting out all over, and the tulips behind them are budding up (photograph from late March). The nice trough with the acanthus leaf pattern on the left was a gift from readers Carolyn and Ernie, who came to visit last September. I am always touched by how kind and generous people are, and that they take enough of an interest to visit!

We are very lucky, and have received some fantastic gifts since we have been here. Martine and her friend C left tools, including what has become my favourite spade for the potager. Many people come for a meal and bring something delicious. Rosemary and Oetojo visited and brought an entire Indonesian feast with them one day not so long ago. The chicken curry was especially delicious. Leon and Sue brought Loire Valley Time Travel corporate gear with them because Leon works for a company in Australia that supplies corporate uniforms and he liked our logo so much he had polo shirts and baseball caps made for us. How smart are we going to look?!

While I was out at the supermarket yesterday a box arrived. It contained an olive tree, a gift from my office in London. My contract with them has now ended and they wanted to wish me all the best for the future. I was really touched that they had gone to the effort of getting me something I really wanted and organised delivery in France. After lunch, our neighbour Monsieur D. came by with some grains de pavot (poppy seeds) for me to sow and he admired the hyacinths, which make a lovely scent in the courtyard as you come through the front door.

Finally, Matt, Kay and Josh called in with a simply enormous jar of peanut butter. This was to thank us for giving them the name of the local vet so they could get the paperwork done for their spaniel puppy to travel back to England after their holiday.



ladybird said...

Wow, Those outfits look great! Will you be wearing them when we come to see you in May?

P.S. I'm glad you're making good use of the spade, even it still means 'hard labour' :)) Martine

Amanda said...

All wonderful and thoughtful gifts!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Such wonderful gifts and wonderful people too!! Here in the UK they just don't bother. I am surrounded by houses and people but they keep themselves to themselves.

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