Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The tulips in pots on the front courtyard are putting on a fine show in mid-April.



wcs said...


Thib said...

Nice shots!
Great minds think alike: I also posted tulips today ;-)

Jean said...

Lovely photos, lovely colours. I love tulips as their arrival means that winter has finally gone.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Very nice photos, for a very nice time of the year.

Diogenes said...


Can you leave the bulbs in the pots over the winter, or do you have to bring them inside?(as they're not in the ground)

Susan said...

Thib: LOL. Vous n'aimez pas beaucoup les tulipes, alors ?

Diogenes: I don't think they would do very well the next year if I just left them in the pots. I will take them down to the potager and bed them in to over winter there and have a rest year I think.

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