Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Progress Report: Bedroom

We are progressing with the guest bedroom. At close of play we had the exterior wall insulated and panelled, and all the wiring in place.

The insulation is 10cm (4 inches) of laine verre (glass wool) in a wooden frame, with all the wiring nicely hidden behind plaster board. Stéphane decided the insulation would be done properly (he spent 7 years in Montreal, where it gets properly cold) and has stapled the insulation to the frame - then taped and stapled again. This means not only is there no gaps in the insulation, but it won't shift either, which cheers me up.

After the insulation was in, we put up the placo-plaque (plasterboard), cutting holes for the light switches and powerpoints. This is exciting - it all looks proper.

Today we will be insulating and boarding the wall which is against the granary, and then we have someone coming in to tape all the joints. We will then limewash the walls - and we will have a proper, finished room (am I getting a little ahead of myself here?).

We are also expecting M.Douady this afternoon (maybe...). He will be replacing the stone sill in our bedroom, and replacing the stonework around the side door and kitchen window. He will also be making the door into the toilet a proper height (instead of chin height to me), which will be a relief to some people. There are one or two other jobs he will be doing, which we will talk about another time.

I am conflicted (such a 21st century concept) about the guest bedroom. On the one hand, putting in 10cm of insulation and building plaster walls has made very little difference to how the room looks - which is good. On the other hand, the room looks little different - which is a pity after all the hard work we have put in.


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GaynorB said...

but ..... I am sure all your hard work and attention to detail will make all the difference to the way the room feels - especially in the winter!!

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