Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More Spring

We think spring is here at last (again). Yesterday was lovely and warm , today and tomorrow are expeted to be wet, then it's the return of the good weather again (supposedly).

To celebrate, our annual cowslip photo. This year's was taken on the 28th of March, and is the fourth annual coucou we have posted. Does that qualify as a tradition yet?

A new addition for this year is a lamb photo, taken in a small paddock at the top of town. Isn't that just the loveliest colour? He is a pert little beasty too - when we arrived he was surveying his domain from the top of a pile of fruit tree prunings.

We are off to Tours today, visiting Chenonceau, Clos Lucé and Villandry. It will be a long day, but along the way we hope to see plenty of new things to tell you all about.



ladybird said...

Wish I could be with you on your daytrip. I love all of those places. Will you be taking Célestine? :)

wcs said...

Definitely a tradition!

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