Sunday, 4 April 2010

Spring Display

A group of particularly well maintained houses in Preuilly, whose owners clearly take pride in beautifying the street with an array of gorgeous spring flowers. The local council encourages homeowners to have plants in pots on the street and windowsills or to have front gardens open to public view, and offers an incentive in the form of €15 vouchers which can be used at the local florists and garden centre.


Plum trees in Chaumussay

Yesterday we went to BricoDepot, as planned, and bought a pile of stuff for wiring the house. We didn't buy everything we needed, just enough for two rooms, and the tableau. Once I am sure I have bought the right fittings, and the rooms we have rewired are working, I will buy the rest.

I need a lie down: just thinking about the trauma of all that making of decisions about things I am not sure I know much (or indeed anything) about has sent me all dizzy.



Paulita said...

Is this the most beautiful spring, or is that just because we're so happy to be done with the very long winter?

Simon said...

I don't know if it's the most beautiful, but when it finally arrives properly it will be the most welcome!!

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