Sunday 11 April 2010

The Apéro Terrasse

Alex has now finished his work on the apéro terrasse.

This is not to say that the terrace is finished, but now Susan and I will be taking over and putting down the surface, laying tiles, and planting plants,

The new walls of the garage (and the old brick wall) have been covered in chaux blanche, which will dry to a slightly sandy off white colour. The texture is rough, and is made with a taloche (a float, in this instance with a sponge face) after the chaux blanche (lime mortar and sand) has started to harden. We were going to go for a slightly peachy colour, which can be achieved with either coloured sand or powdered tint, but it is very easy to get different mixes of different colours, leaving a patchy wall, so we decided on ordinary masonry sand and no colour.

Putting the texture on the chaux blanche
The wall of the granary next to the terrace and what was the back wall of the toilets have been done in pierres vues. This is different from pierres apparentes (we have now learnt): with the pierres vues, chaux covers all the stones and is then scraped back over the most prominent of the stone, whereas with pierres apparentes less chaux is used, and all the stones stand about a centimetre proud of the pointing.

Pierres vues.Pierres apparentes.
The change in our back garden is amazing. We have done so much: removing a cobbled patch and the concrete "thing", levelling the ground, putting in a fence and gates, dalles gazon, demolishing and rebuilding walls, making sure the walls we had don't fall down, and now we have just about finished the hardscaping and building, and can get on to making it all pretty.

Four months ago the garden looked like this:
(although this photo is from Aug 2008)
Now we have this:
We are feeling pretty pleased with ourselves, because the realisation of this project has so far lived up to the plan, and our plan has lived to to our hopes!



Paulita said...

You're right. Quite a change. Is there a door from inside to this little terrace? Am I right in assuming that an apero terrasse is where you will sip your before dinner drinks?

Simon said...


There will be a door near the terrace once/if we get the barn as a livable space.

Until then we have to walk across the garden or walk from the house through the barn.

The terrace is where we will have our pre-dinner drinks (and probably breakast and lunch as well). I am not sure "sipping" will adequately cover it though!!

Unknown said...

How satisfactory. Prep work is always so long.
What are those horizontal metal bars with vertical wires high on the wall?
I hope there will be a spot for a hollyhock or two; they are so perfect against the stones.

Word today is liquayix. Reminds me of the fish fertilizer I uses yesterday.

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