Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Merde !

This rather impressive pile of muck is typical of the often steaming heaps of winter cattle shed sweepings that sit in fields all over the Touraine, waiting to be spread as fertilizer. Farmers here make huge quantities of straw, hay, silage and haylage and cattle are generally housed for the winter months, munching through the feed made during the summer and producing big piles of fertilizer in the form of their straw bedding mixed with cow pats. Some muck spreading is done in the spring, but it is also done in high summer. Travelling between Richelieu and Châtellerault can be an interesting olfactory experience in August. The pong seeping through the car vents and windows alternates between the very warm ripe melons sitting in the fields awaiting harvest and the smell of equally warm and ripe manure which has been newly flicked all over the earth of those fields that have already been cleared.


PS Cattle dung in French is not merde, it is bouse, but the temptation to start a blog post with 'Merde !' was too much for me.


  1. We caught up on your first Celestine customer tour and pleased it all went well with hopefully more to come.
    We arrived home to Melbourne last night and I slept most of the day.
    Thanks again for your warm hospitality. We will continue to follow your renovations with interest as I'm about to start at home to renovate our 20 year old renovations.

  2. C'est de la bouse alors...

    Merde is more human excrement.

  3. A great thing about riding a motorcycle is that you catch all the smells around you. The scent of lavendar in the fields for example, often goes unnoticed by car drivers. There are however, times when I wish I could close the windows like everyone else !

  4. Ken: I know, but the temptation to title a blog post 'Merde !' was too much.

    Jean: I think you should recognise this particular pile of bouse.

  5. Susan - now you mention it.....

  6. OK, this post made me laugh.

    "olifactory experience.." too funny!

  7. Just realised I spelt it wrontly too, so I've corrected it now