Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Things to remind myself next time I paint:

If sanding an old piece of wood, don't try to get all the paint off.
Really - it doesnt matter. Those shutters have seen many years of service and are proud of their battle scars. A patch or two of old paint underneath 4 coats of new stuff will make no difference.

Do remember to sand back between coats
Remind yourself you're not sanding the latest coat of paint off, just scratching the surface so the new paint can take hold.

Remember to dilute the paint.
When putting on the first coat of colour, put the paint in a container and add a splash of dilutant. It goes a lot further and is easier to use.

Don't keep sticking your hair in the paint.
It doesnt help. Even if you're leaning back to look at your work, rubbing your hair in the last bit you painted really doesn't help.

Paint towards yourself.
Remember the last time - and the time before that - when you painted window frames? You kept on grabbing the piece you had just painted so you could lean further out.

Don't get hung up on the odd brushmark.
The neighbours won't be climbing a ladder just to check how neat you are. Honest they won't

Don't put the lid of the tin on the floor.
Remember last time you trod on it? It wasn't fun then, either.

One day all our windows will
look like this
Change brushes occasionally
There are no prizes for who can lift the heaviest paintbrush. You ALWAYS put too much paint on the brush, and it always gains weight as you go.

Look at the clock
Don't start work too early - the paint wont spread. Don't paint in the full sun, either - the paint will go all tacky before you can get the next brushload on.

Look at the clock.
Don't keep "just" touching it to see if it's dry yet. It isn't.

Look at the clock.
It's probably time for a beer.



ladybird said...

Simon, Bravo ... you did a splendid job! How many more to go ? Martine

Simon said...

Only 3, but one is a biggie, which may (or may not) be easier.

Jenny said...

Looks great. Hee ho ho,tips from someone in the know. I lived through learning these rules too when we painted all our walls and trim (well mostly, some trim just has the hazy white primer and since they are in our bedroom, who knows but us...uh, and now you). Happy home improvements!

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