Sunday, 23 August 2009

Return to Nemours

After the disappointment the last time we went to Nemours, we received an email from the garage we visited, apologising for the typo in their original email. We arranged to visit last Monday, ringing them up just to confirm they would be open.

Because we had other business to do the same day we made an early start of it, and because this time we were not quite so precious about avoiding toll roads it meant the complete round trip took us 12 hours. The route is quite a good one, going through some pretty towns and crossing some of the big rivers, including the Loire. All up we spent 12 euros on tolls, and saved ourselves about an hour driving

Nemours is a really pretty town, we assume fashionably close to Paris and in the Paris transport system, but without the Paris prices in the restaurants. We had a really pleasant lunch - steak and dessert - for 12 euros each, sitting outside a restaurant across from the church.

Where we had lunch
There are some beautiful buildings in Nemours, and none is more attractive that the chateau. It looks like a fortified manor house should look - massive walls, but of quite moderate proportions. Some people may fantasise about living in a chateau like Chenonceaux, but if I had to live in a chateau this is the kind I would choose.

The Chateau from across the river Loing
There are a lot of parks and gardens in Nemours, and plenty of other open spaces like riverside and canalside walks. One of the riverbanks has metal sun loungers, a kiosk and an interesting children's playground. There are also a lot of dog toilet areas, but it appears the dogs in Nemours don't do readin'.

Looking towards the chateau across the church garden.
It looks like the municipal gardeners are hyperactive, because there are hanging baskets and planters everywhere, all in magnificent condition, and putting on a colourful show even though the last rain was 2 weeks ago. I am glad we aren't paying the water bill!

The church and just a few flowers.
If you're in the area I think it is well worth a visit: Nemours has all those things you look for in a small French town - a chateau, and interesting church, good views, good restaurants, plenty of free parking and some interesting shops. It would be best not to visit on a Monday, because the chateau is closed.



ladybird said...

And the one million dollar question is of course: "Did you buy a car?" :)) Martine

Simon said...


We remain a one car family, but we're hoping that wont last long!

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