Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Gardening Tip

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?

In the drought you mean?
I paint them green,
fot that year round verdant show


Thanks to Simon, whose creative genius supplied the poem
Grateful thanks to Ken and Sylvie L for the succulents


  1. Nice hat Susan.
    Is it a sedum in the second pic?

  2. Beaver: The hat is great - a gift from my mother. It can be scrunched up any old how and generally abused and still looks nice.

    I don't think the little succulent is a sedum - it's not vigorous enough. A tiny precious piece was a gift from our neighbour Sylvie. It came from her mother's garden originally.

  3. May be some type of saxifraga ?

  4. Susan and Simon, I hadn't checked in in a while, and hadn't seen the post about the finishing of the GORGEOUS staircase... what a beautiful work of artisan craftsmanship. It looks lovely in the spot, too. How rewarding it must be to have it done, too! Lovely :)