Thursday, 20 August 2009

A Roman Theatre

Between Montargis and Châtillon-Coligny there is a really impressive Roman theatre (I have marked it here). We drove past in on one of our expeditions looking at cars.

Every time we go out in the car we see signs pointing to really interesting things we never knew existed. In a way, this is a bonus: we wouldn't travel 300km just to see this Roman amphitheatre, but having it appear out of the blue provides an opportunity to stop the car and have a little walk. If it isn't Roman remains or an abbey it's a prehistoric monument or interesting and unusual church.

There is nothing about this amphitheatre on the internet,
besides it being on lists of Roman Theatres. There is some
information on notice boards besides the (locked) gate
We never know quite what we are going to stumble upon, but we are always ready to dive down a side road or head up a grassy track just in case there is something remarkable at the end.



Paulita said...

How nice to have the time to divert and explore. Living life the way it should be lived!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! This is in my neck of the woods.

Simon said...

Pauliota - it's why we aren't able to stick to the timings on the map websites. I am always exploring!

Dedene - pleased to be of service :¬)

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