Monday, 17 August 2009

More Cars from le Mans

A short movie, just to show how many Traction Avants were on display at EuroCitro 2009. We were surprised to see a whole carpark full of cars in all conditions from regularly used and unrestored with a spot of rust, to pristine concours condition.

A carpark full of Traction Avants.
Today we are off looking at a couple more cars. Another day on the road, another 600km: more new scenery, and with any luck another roadside restaurant. We left at 7.00am this morning, and expect to be back in time for a late dinner.

In other news: It still hasn't rained since last time (10 days, nary a drop), I have made progress painting stuff around the house, and the courgette plants have gone barmy. The stream near the garden is totally dry, but the plum tree is producing fruit like fury. It was 29°C at 9.00 last night, which is well over 80° in the old money.



Bengt said...

Nice view of all the tractions. Hope your boyhood dream will come true.
And now about the weather. I can swap it with rain, rain and again more rain with 16 degrees and dark as a chimney sweepers bottom. Congratulations! Tomorrow you will have +35 and sun, sun, sun.

Bengt said...

Just check it out.

Simon said...

Cool vid - I like it!

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