Thursday 8 March 2018

RPP: Random Paris Pics

We were in Paris three weeks ago, renting an apartment in the 15th. It's the first time we have ever stayed somewhere that you could see the Eiffel Tower from the accommodation, which was kind of nice in a clichéd way.

The view from our bedroom

It was a bit cold. I wonder who built this snowman in the grounds of a convent hospital?

In fact it was so cold the cooking oil had solidified on the supermarket shelves

The Seine was running a banker, and all the houseboats and
restaurant boats were making temporary arrangements*

I didn't notice the funky clouds until we were home and I looked at the photo

*Note from Susan: The day after we photographed the houseboats there was an attempt to rescue the Le Corbusier designed Salvation Army hostel boat moored not far away, which had washed up on the bank. Unfortunately they punched a hole in it and it sank. We were 100 metres away at the time, but had no idea, so I found out too late (and we were catching a train so couldn't have afforded to be distracted anyway). Read the story on Invisible Paris. By coincidence I'd also read William Wharton's Houseboat on the Seine recently, which has a long description of flood mitigation efforts by houseboat owners (I didn't understand a single word).

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