Thursday 29 March 2018

The Claise Valley Between le Grand Pressigny and Abilly

I took this view last week while walking with some friends. I'm standing on the hill behind the chateau of le Grand Pressigny and looking up the valley of the Claise River towards Abilly, where the Claise meets the Creuse. The landscape is gently rolling, a mixture of broad acre arable fields and semi-natural woodland. The village of le Grand Pressigny is below me to my left. There is a nice vine hut halfway down the ploughed slope. According to Yohann, our local river technician, the river is in fairly good health just here, and he's put a lot of work into ensuring that. The countryside in the view is excellent walking and cycling terrain, being criss-crossed with public access tracks and well mapped and marked walking routes. It has been occupied by humans for thousands of years, since prehistoric times.


Brexit News: In exactly 12 months time we and all our British friends residing in the EU27 will no longer be Europeans. As yet we still have no idea what we will have to do to maintain our status in France, nor do our French friends living in the UK. For now, the strong advice is to apply for a Carte de Séjour as soon as possible, and well before 29 March 2019. The French Minister for the Interior has announced that those holding a Carte de Séjour will be given priority during the transition period (2019 - 2020). Please feel free to email me (via the link to my profile on the right hand bar) if you want further information or advice. An overview of the current state of citizens' rights in the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is available here. If you are directly affected by this issue I strongly recommend that you at least read the dot points.


Autolycus said...

I feel for all the people affected by the nonsense of Brexit. There'll be a hard reckoning for us all, I fear.

Susan said...

At this end there is a scramble to become French. It's the only way to definitively protect our rights.

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