Thursday, 8 February 2018

Things are Grave Part X -- Serge Gainsbourg

Famous for his provocative song lyrics, performances and lifestyle, Gainsbourg is nevertheless buried in the family tomb in Montparnasse with his parents. The beady eyed will notice that the family name is actually Ginsburg. There are a number of variations on the name Ginsburg on tombs dotted about the cemetery, all descendents of Ukrainian Jews who fled to Paris in the early 20th century to escape pogroms and the Russian Revolution. During the Second World War Gainsbourg's family sought refuge in Limoges, using false identity papers.

The man is an absolute legend in both the French and English speaking worlds. His songs often contain morbid themes or sexual innuendo, and he loved puns. He worked in a remarkable range of styles and with a remarkable range of fellow writers and performers.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed his singing, nice to see where he is laid to rest. C

Katie Zeller said...

I love wandering through French cemeteries..... both the well-known and the local. One always seems to find something interesting and they are always so 'propre'

Susan said...

Cemeteries in general always have something of interest -- unexpected people or intriguing grave monuments.

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