Sunday 4 February 2018

Drinking Stations

A basic drink station. When we were kids
these were known as bubblers

Manly Council has teamed up with Sydney Water to set up fresh water drinking stations around the beach front and the Corso, the main shopping street, which links the ferry terminal to the ocean beach.

The project is designed to reduce use of plastic bottles and provide an alternative to sweet fizzy drinks. The hope is that these modern drinking fountains can help change the culture of bottled drinks. There are a couple of different styles of drinking stations, the basic kind which will give you (and if someone has customised it, your dog) a drink, and an altogether more stylish unit (which we didn't take a photo of) which has a rest so you can fill your water bottle.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Great... The UK as still talking about installing these!!! and probably will be for some time!!!

Sheila said...

Filtered water too!

Susan said...

The idea of filtering is to try to overcome the prejudice that has developed about tap water.

lejardindelucie said...

Nous étions aussi très contents de trouver ainsi de l'eau dans certains parcs quand les températures étaient très élevées!

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