Sunday, 11 February 2018

Queenscliff Head

At the lagoon end of Manly Beach, Queenscliff Head is a nice place for scrambling over the rocks. There is a tunnel under the heads called The Wormhole, which was carved (or maybe blasted) by locals in 1908 as a shortcut between Manly and a workers' camp in the next bay. The tunnel once led to Freshwater beach, but although you can still get through the tunnel the easy path ends there due to rock falls.

It also serves well as a place from which to photograph surfers - without getting wet.


  1. Those buildings look close to the cliff edge! Magnificent place by the look of your photos. Fascinating rock strata to.

    1. I think the building (it's a single house) was built to mirror the rock shapes.

  2. Is this creature a Bernard-l'hermite, some kind of Cœnobita?

  3. I can smell the sea...and miss it after having lived near a somewhat similar Pacific shoreline for a number of years.