Friday 4 August 2017

Today's Events in Preuilly

The year the comice agricole for the Loches arrondissement is in Preuilly. The streets are all decorated (by the local schools) and street cleaning machine passed us by at exactly 8.00am this morning. We are ready!

Timings for the event are rather sketchy, but at some time today there will be a grand defilement of tractors before the plowing competition, followed by the plowing competition itself. That will be held in a field about half way between Preuilly and Bossay sur Claise at a locale called Vaucoulon.

 What the plowing competition will look like if the cloud clears.

This evening on the plan d'eau there is the crowing of the king and queen of the comice followed by fireworks and a bal populaire.

Tomorrow is the brocante, with pony rides and sheepdog demonstrations at the plan d'eau, livestock exhibitions on the champ de foire and at the school, a marché gourmande in the marketplace, and a travelling fair near the abbey. Then in the afternoon we have hot air balloons on the football field, and in the evening a cabaret evening in the commune's gymnasium with a "bal prologera" for which booking (I assume) must already have been made.

Last comice's agricultural display. This year there may be 1 month
old Holstein triplets calves (local celebrities) on show

Sunday there are various walks, followed by the grand parade in the afternoon. At Boussay there is a Mass with hunting horns.

You will notice no times are given for these events - as usual you are expected to know when (and where) this stuff happens, because thats when and where it always happens. Non-locals will be made to feel extremely welcome, but greeted with a some surprise because visitors rarely come to these things.

I wonder why...

(note - on page 2 of google search I found a timetable on the Loches page:

14h plowing
21h dancing, election for king and queen, fireworks

21h is the cabaret

8.15 walk from Chambon
11h open air mass St Hubert at the chateau of Boussay
15h Grand Parade)


chm said...

These local events are always interesting and well attended.

Carolyn said...

Crowing must = crowning.

I tried to make a pun out of this but couldn't. Probably Simon can.

Simon said...

Not sure he could :) Crowing is still kind of apt!

Simon said...

They would be even better attended if they ever got the publicity right

GaynorB said...

That same street cleaning machine nearly knocked Tim off his bike early this morning as he rode through Preuilly!

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