Tuesday 8 August 2017

Comice Agricole 2017 - Day 1

This is the second time since we have lived the Preuilly sur Claise that the Comice Agricole has been held here. (For Australians, think of the Ekka and the Royal Easter Show rolled into one).

Friday kicked off about midday with the concours de labours, or ploughing competition. For afficionados of ploughing this must have been riveting, but I am not au fait with the nuances, so for me it was the tractors that took my attention. There were all ages and sizes of tractors, but no horse ploughing. As with most of the western world, grey Fergies were the most evident, but it was a little tracked machine that particularly caught my eye.

The tractor that started the modern world

Then in the evening we had  the selection of the Queen of the Fair, followed by special comice fireworks, and dancing. I am a huge fan of dancing (the concept of bringing communtities together, not your actual me dancing thing) and as ever it was great to see all ages together on the dance floor. As in previous years the Madison was the most popular. My photos capture the movement...

The street lights were left on all night to help the partyers get home - normally they turn off at 11pm on a Friday.

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