Thursday, 10 August 2017

Comice Agricole 2017 - Day 2

The second day (Saturday) of the Comice was (in many ways) the busiest.

The day started before many of the dancers from the previous evening were out of bed - I went to the brocante at 10.30 and it was still fairly quiet. There was a good range of stuff available, none of which floated my boat. I was joined by Lisa and Simon and lunched on sausages and chips and half a baguette (6€) and a cup of cidre (1€) courtesy of the Comité des Fetes. There was a local marching band on hand to provide entertainment, and it was all very convivial.

Also on Saturday was the agricultural display, with sheep, cattle, chickens, pigeons, and rabbits, and a large range of tractors of all ages. The pompiers from Loches (I think) were there with some impressive machinery, as well as a display of cars available to buy from the local garages.

I missed seeing the Montgolfiers (hot air balloons) - if they happened - because I had to pick Susan up at 6.30pm in Chinon, and in the evening there was the official ball (also missed by us) but which was deemed by no less a personage than the Maire as being "magnifique, impeccable !"

That'll learn us to be dance dodgers.

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