Sunday 6 August 2017

The Reality of Summer

Summer can be beautiful, whether in the Loire Valley or Australia. It can also be too hot, or too cold, and occasionally it can be too windy and rainy.

This photo is for anyone who thinks a bit of global warming would be good for Europe. It's Sydney Harbour (Australia) on a cold wet and windy midsummers day. Kind of like a couple of midsummer's days in the Loire Valley last week.

We used to go to Sydney in summer every year for a couple of weeks holiday, staying in our family tent on Sydney's northern beaches. Sitting on the terrace of a café in Avranches (Normandy) on Wednesday morning, not only did the weather (cool, windy) take me back to those times, the sound of rain on canvas was also very evocative.

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Colin and Elizabeth said...

We went on that boat or one very like it. It wasn't that rough though but a storm did pass over in the afternoon.

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