Friday, 19 May 2017

Some More Speaking of Tongues

Some more photos from the secret Tongue Orchid site:

On the left, a hybrid Green-winged x Loose-flowered Orchid (Anacamptis morio x A. laxiflora); on the right, a Loose-flowered Orchid.

 Loose-flowered Orchid Anacamptis laxiflora (Fr. Orchis à fleurs lâches).

 Two of five photographers all pointing at the same thing. They are not photographing the orchid, but a large bright green crab spider in the grass.

Black-veined White Aporia crataegi (Fr. Gazé) resting on Loose-flowered Orchid.

 Loose-flowered Orchids in the grass, with members of the botany club.

 A typical looking Tongue Orchid Serapias lingua (Fr. Sérapias à languette).

 A Tongue Orchid with a yellow labellum (the bottom petal or the 'tongue'). The lack of red pigment is a mutation.

Marc has asked me if I will return to the site in the late summer/early autumn to survey the Autumn Lady's Tresses Spiranthes spiralis, and I will be very pleased to do so.


Sheila said...

Every photo a delight. Looking forward to those from your next trek.

Susan said...

Thank you.

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