Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Crossing Blois

Last Sunday was deemed to be a Journée Nationale des Véhicules d'Epoque ('National Classic Vehicle Day') by the FFVE (Fédération Française des Véhicules d'Epoque - 'French Federation for Classic Vehicles').

This meant that all major cities and towns, car museums, and car clubs were encouraged to hold events to celebrate old motor vehicles. We had a choice of events to attend, from racing days at Magny Cours to a gentle cruise around the Sologne, but we chose to attend the Bouchon de Blois, a traffic jam of the kind that have become a favorite in our household.

Looking good!
(Photo courtesy of Rosemary Kniepp Aussie in France.)

I assume that the organisers weren't allowed a permit for a bouchon (it means closing off the centre of town) and instead had a traverse - where people assemble in one or more places, and drive along a prescribed route to display their cars in action.

Rosemary and J-M look super authentic!

We went with Rosemary and J-M, dressed à l'epoque, and had a fun time even though at one stage I was having trouble seeing the front of the car, the rain was so heavy. We were going to picnic but instead ate at a restaurant, sharing a table for 10 with some other car owners also dressed for the occasion. We are constantly pleased by how immediately friendly people are at these events (we'd never met our dining companions before), and much hilarity ensued over 3 courses of interesting food.

Our lunch companions and their Mach1 Mustang

Here is a gallery of photos of some of the 400+ cars.


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Loire Daily Photo said...

We had a great time at our first meet thanks to Susan and Simon! My hat is part of a collection (including a gendarme's képi) left to us by the previous owners of our 430-year-old house.

Susan said...

The hat was the perfect accessory (as were the pearls).

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