Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Road Works

Ten days ago the road out of Preuilly in the direction of Le Grand Pressigny was resurfaced over a period of two days. The work blocked off the end of our street. At one point I went out to the supermarket and when I came back discovered that there was no way of 'legally' getting into our street. So I came down the street the wrong way.

The big orange machine shaved off the old surface and spat it into the truck. The driver bipped the horn whenever he needed the truck to move on, then bipped his horn again to say he'd moved up sufficiently. This went on all morning.


chm said...

The same thing happened to my street in Arlington, Va, just a few days before I left. They stripped the old surface one day and resurfaced the next. It was a job well done.

Susan said...

It is certainly a slick operation.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Great... No roadworks would ever be completed without the chap leaning on his shovel!!

Susan said...

I know. That's partly why I chose to use that photo in particular :-) To be fair though, he was waiting for the machine to move on so he could finesse the road surface behind it.

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