Friday, 5 May 2017

Protecting the Potatoes

This local veggie gardener is protecting his newly emerged potatoes with a solar powered light that is triggered by a movement sensor. I assume the enemy is probably badgers, but given the rather isolated location of this potager it could be wild boar. Both badgers and boar are nocturnal and probably don't like being suddenly floodlit.


  1. It also squawks ultra-sonically at the same time...
    does a double shock!
    Quite effective judging by reviews... and Gardening Which.
    Uses the same technology as the dog scarers.

  2. We need a cat scarer Our wildlife camera picked up 4 different cats one night. !!!

    1. So do we! The feral cats use our carport as a lavatory at night. I'm going to see if these are available in the US.

    2. Everyone needs a cat scarer, don't they? :-)