Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My Back Pages: Simon's T-Shirt Archive (8)

This is a t-shirt which these days isn't quite big enough for me - but unlike most of the others I have shown this one never really fitted. It was the biggest size available, however, and I really needed to have one.

In January 1991 I was in Rio de Janeiro, arriving just at the end of Rock in Rio, and leaving a few days before Carnival (as usual, timing impeccable). I had spent the previous 4 weeks in Argentina and Chile, and Rio was supposed to be a chance to relax in luxury after staying with various of my travelling companion's relatives, and a couple of once elegant but very run down hotels in southern Chile.

When I need a reminder of what a blessed relief it is when you realise that Montezuma's revenge is now being wreaked on someone besides oneself, I look at the t-shirt. When I want a reminder of just how hairy I have been in the past, I look at this photo. What you're seeing is a soft perm, super high humidity, and what looks like 4 weeks without a comb, scissors or razor.


Loire Valley Nature: A new entry has been made for the rare but distinctive Sand Lucerne Medicago sativa ssp varia.


A la cuisine hier: Supermarket tomato soup, souped up with a can of crushed tomatoes, some salt and Asian spices and a good splodge of full cream milk.

Steak Diane, because I had some cream to use up. Served with fried potatoes and peas. Rated 'excellent' by Simon.

Torta di carote (Italian Carrot Cake) from Ursula Ferrigno's Bringing Italy Home. Like a lot of Italian cakes it is flour free (using almond meal instead) and has no added fat. Rated 'exceptional' by Simon, who commented that it was nice and moist, and more interesting than carrot cake usually is.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

NOW that's what you call a "full set"...

MargaretP said...

Barry Gibb incognito.

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