Saturday, 15 October 2016

Spot the Differences

In the street outside his home, as painted by Lansyer.

While I was at the 19th century artist Lansyer's house museum in Loches the other day I took the opportunity to photograph two views he painted of the streets where he lived. The first shows his own house on the right, looking down the street towards the Porte Royale. The second is looking down the street at right angles, looking directly at the Porte Royale.

The scene today with Lansyer's house on the right.

Looking towards the Porte Royale from on the citadel as painted by Lansyer.

The newly restored Porte Royale as it is today.

The pre-restoration view, as seen on StreetView in April 2016. 
I can't believe we don't have our own photo of this!


Jean said...

It's remarkable in some ways how little the view of his house has changed.
We have walked past it many times and it's always a lovely place to be.

Le Pré de la Forge said...

I stood looking at the first, on its plaque on the corner....
You have to take six paces further to the right, lean against the wall there, before the left hand half of the picture is in the right place.
The others look similar... I guess he had to alter position to create a balanced view.
They are lovely, tho'....

Susan said...

It is remarkable indeed.

Susan said...

He's definitely altered the view slightly. The door in the right foreground is not in the position he has painted it. To take the picture I had to stand with it behind my right shoulder.

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