Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cyclamen High and Low

This year's cyclamen photos come from the grounds of the chateau in Preuilly, and from the garden of friends who live at the base of the chateau walls.

For our previous year's cyclamen posts click here.


Computer News: The suppliers of the computer we ordered which arrived damaged have refunded our money. Meanwhile, my laptop has now been running continuously for more than 48 hours and is still 'checking for updates'.


chm said...

Good luck with your electronics!

I like your new banner. Which chateau is there?

Susan said...

The chateau in Preuilly is called Chateau du Lion.

GaynorB said...

Lovely photographs.
Hope your computer problem (both old and new) is soon sorted. More time for cake and curry making...?

chm said...

What I meant, is it the chateau du Lion above Claise in the banner?

Susan said...

No, the chateau in the banner is on the other side of the river. I took the photo a few days ago and this is one of the few places and times of year that you can see it. I forget what it's called. It is in a completely different style to the chateau du Lion (which is a 19C reconstruction of the medieval) .

Susan said...

One has been sorted and with any luck the other has too.

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