Sunday 23 August 2015

Graphic Flutterer

The Graphic Flutter Rhyothemis graphiptera (aka Banded Flutterer) dragonfly is found in the north of Australia, often in large numbers near still or almost still waters. The one above, the best photo I could manage of an uncooperative subject with my small camera at the time, was taken at Springvale Homestead.

The black winged creatures in these two photos are not birds. They are swarming Graphic Flutterers in the early morning over Home Lagoon in Kakadu National Park.


chm said...

These Graphic Flutterers are enormous! What is theiir wingspan?

Susan said...

They are not big at all. They are a small to medium sized dragonfly with a wingspan of about 7cm. The angle of the photos make them look big, and they were closer to the camera than it might appear.

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