Wednesday 19 August 2015

Célestine's CT

Last Thursday was one of those stressful days that shouldn't really be.

Like her younger sister, Célestine was due for a contrôle technique this year. In May Claudette passed her CT with aplomb because she had just been serviced and we had done a pre-CT check.  Célestine's appointment was made last minute, immediately after we returned from Italy, and it was only a few minutes before we left home that I realised I hadn't checked her over.

It was raining, not very warm, and so I had been tardy about getting out of the house. Add to that a session of car shuffling (Celestine was in the garage, Claudette parked behind her in the driveway) and time was short. Needless to say, one of the stop lights had blown. No problem, as I have spares. Or rather, thought I had spares, but had obviously used them all up.

This photo was taken two days after the CT was done
What you can't see is the passenger side front flat tyre
So - a bulb was scavenged from Claudette, hastily fitted (yeah, I know - I cracked the plastic lamp cover in the process) and we trotted off to Chatellerault - not our usual CT man, but it's August and everyone else was either full or on holiday, and logistics meant it had to be done last week.

Anyway - we passed, and so are right for another two years. I even remembered to order some new bulbs from our regular supplier, which arrived yesterday.

I hate roadworthy time, and have always hated it. I suppose it comes from my first cars in Australia which I bought cheap and which could not be relied upon to pass any sort of test. More recently it stems from having old cars with personalities and foibles.


Le Pré de la Forge said...

Because of re-registration, all our vehicles fall due the same year... it is the Merc next week!!
But I know what you mean... it is a chore trying to make sure all is right.
Ours go for a full overhaul at Gge. Viet first... and they handle the CT side of things after that.
The Merc won't be a doddle this year... the brakes need doing, amongst other things...
tracking too, I think.

Thanks for the above link for all things Aulde Vehicle....
I will save that to pocket.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes Simon I go back to the time of trying to get old cars through the MOT was always stressful...
Glad she passed though the 2CV is due in May...

Saved the link also

GaynorB said...

Good that she passed her CT.
Going back to the previous post you no longer need to hold your breath!

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