Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mechanical Curiosities at the Domaine de Cande

A new exhibition has just opened at the chateau of Candé. As is often the case with Candé they have chosen to support an artist who works in mixed media, found objects and with a distinctly quirky and mechanical bent. The works are commissioned for the rooms they are placed in.

A little man pushes a broom around and around.
Antoine Birot says he can't decide if he is a handyman or a precision engineer. The works are fantasy machines, 'operated' by little gold mannekins. They are amusing and clever.

A 'windmill' drives an automatic pen which writes on brown paper tape.
The exhibition finishes on 15 October 2015.

 A little man rolls a geared disc.
Also new at Candé is the little restaurant they have opened in the Hunting Lodge. The menu has been created by local Michelin starred chef Olivier Arlot. A three course limited choice set menu is €18 and wine is €2 a glass. We haven't tried it yet, but are keen to do so. The restaurant is open from May to September, Wednesdays to Sundays.

For those of you who know the restaurant Les Charmes de Candé, situated at the entrance to the chateau (and not connected to the chateau), it has recently changed hands. The lovely blond ladies have gone and the new owner is a man who has changed the name to La Table de Candé. The style of food is unchanged and still an excellent value worker's lunch, but I'm sure the regular clientele will miss the flirtatious and buxom barmaid.

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