Thursday 8 March 2012

You Have Got to be Joking

This jester adorns a Renaissance window high up on the citadel walls in Loches. You can only see it from the street below. It would be interesting to know why the window is topped by a jester, as opposed to another character or motif.

No doubt it is part of the extensive remodelling done on the Logis Royal by Charles VIII in the late 15th century, so not a window from which la dame de beauté might have gazed out.



Tim said...

I've seen this window... and photographed it... and wondered "'hn'why"?
Mind you I tend to look up a lot nowadays... it's the stiffness of getting old... not!
The reason is the non-wife [they had a party to celebrate 25 years of not being married] of one of our 2CV friends in Leeds.
She used to set us "walking treasure hunts" around Leeds... the clues could be anywhere... up, like this photo...down, to some bit of street furniture that you'd walked on a zillion times... all of which you'd never seen... ever since I've tended to look around more... it was a good lesson. As for this window... with the Jester over the top... it couldn't be an exit, could it?

How's Simon getting on with the 'cold'? Could try Zovirax... ;-}

Sheila said...

Certainly a final exit.

Niall & Antoinette said...

He's cute. Note to self--look up more

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