Friday, 9 March 2012

Where are we At?

It's been a while since we updated stuff, so here goes:

Célestine is still at the Doctor's, but we are confident she will be home the middle of next week - or not long after. Today we are going to visit her, but taking paintbrushes and white spirit rather than grapes. It's time her engine bay had its spring clean (I know, at least 2 weeks early) and it will be easier to do while the gearbox is out - there will be all those extra nooks and crannies we can get into.

The computer is still not well, but that is mainly due to me not getting up enough steam to follow the latest batch of instructions. I am confident I will get it working without having to load a new operating system, it's just a matter of time.

We have done no painting recently, although we have plenty left to do. It just hasn't been quite warm enough (or is that just an excuse?) to have the doors open to let the fumes vent and the paint dry in good time.

The Hyacinths had their first flowers 5 weeks ago,
before the snow. They are having a second go at it now.
Spring is just around the corner, and the garden plants that were flowering before the snow arrived have just started to recover their vitality. The Hyacinths have new blooms, and the daffs are that close. We also have many tulips sprouting, and Susan has just done our first lettuces of the year. Weather wise it has been typical late March really : a bit sunny, a bit windy, some rain, a little mist, and one or two frosts. Temperatures have been around the 0°C mark overnight, and between 10° and 16° during the day.

At the moment then we are just girding our loins ahead of getting started for the year. We're hoping to be busy, and already there are indications that this will be the case. As well as work we already have various family and friends lining up to visit during summer. Hopefully that means plenty of exploring and lots of new places to blog about.



Tim said...

Glad to hear about Célestine being on the mend... she'll feel better for a good clean round all the fiddly bits anyway.
Nice to see that the Hytherecinthias have not suffered too much from Jack Frost's battering... but the bit about the paint has been got at by the fumes! There's a little black square after the word paint and before'dry' that says 'Link' if you hold the pointer over it... but does nothing...

This'll help you get some steam up.. a WV... "trikt mpencti"... so go in there and trick 'em Pencti!!

Simon said...

Tim - thatnks for noticing that, Blogger has taken to inserting wierd code in strange places, just for the hell of it.

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