Thursday 15 March 2012

That Was Quick!!

A couple of days ago Susan and I were at the "do we need the fire lit" stage, and deciding yes. A week ago there was no choice to be made, and we were heating the house all day.

On Tuesday evening we let the fire go out, and haven't even thought about lighting it again. Even more startling, yesterday we had all of the windows open airing the house. The temperature was 21ºC : compare that with -20ºC but five weeks ago (for our North American cousins that is 74ºF difference). As I sit here typing the first blowfly of the season is trying to beat itself to death on the window, and the collared doves on the rooftop opposite are getting frisky.

The garden furniture may still be under wraps,
but it was even warm enough to sit in the shade
It is predicted to be this warm for a few days yet, before settling down to a more normal March weather pattern (i.e. rainy). In the meantime we have caught up with the laundry because drying it outside is so much quicker, thoughts have turned to painting because I can do it outside if necessary, and sitting in the garden isn't the act of a masochist.

Spring? I'm ready for it.



Lady Justine said...

It's quite amazing how quickly spring's come this year - especially considering how cold it was! We had a fire the night before last and it got up to 27 degrees inside - we didn't need to have one really - though I was still thinking we should have!

Tim said...

Simon, yesterday Susan, Pauline and I found it necessary TO sit in the shade!! The wooden bench out the front was good enough yesterday afternoon to do egg&bacon on!
But meteociel is forecasting two days of rain... Sunday and Monday... nice and steady... 30mm in total!

And what have I done to upset you... the WV has come up"b-Tim ondpn"... apart from continually finding strange meanings in the WVs for you... of course!

Niall & Antoinette said...

We've definitely been basking outside the front door on the south side of the house [when not doing chores...]

Susan said...

LJ: Yes - grape hyacinths and sweet violets are even earlier this year.

Tim: I need the rain, but would like it to hold off until I have at least my broad beans sown.

N&A: Me, I've been working! :-)

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