Thursday, 22 March 2012

Red Squirrel - a photo essay

For maximum cuteness, click on the photos. They will enlarge into a new window. To learn more about Red Squirrels go to the species account in Loire Valley Nature.



  1. Since all the river bank work has been going on, we haven't seen a single squirrel... I am just hoping that the drastic bank clearance that is going on for the pecheurs hasn't destroyed the corridors.... but I fear it has.
    I've added a couple of things to the tick entry... one is telling people to read your comment... the other is a link I forgot to put in about Lyme Disease.

  2. Thank goodness we don't (yet) have any of the North American gray squirrels here in France. Around Saint-Aignan, I see red squirrels only once in a while, and almost never near our house.

  3. Ken,
    Some idiot has released grey squirrels in Belgium... near the French border... there is a concerted effort to eradicate the pests

  4. I love our squirrel population... they're such cheerful little visitors!

  5. Great photographs. We have a red squirrels in LP-P but only grey in Staffordshire.