Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I am pretty sure I will not be the only French blog writer talking about snow this morning.

It snowed yesterday. Not heavily, but enough to settle. This is the first snow we have had this winter, and although no more snow is forecast the weather is set to get very cold, with lows of -9C predicted for later in the week.

I am not complaing though, as I was getting bored after having four months of October weather. It's just a pity the daffs and hyacinths are flowering, because I assume the snow will do for them.



Tim said...

Snow won't Simon... but the frost and ice will. With any luck, provided this doesn't thaw, there should be an insulating layer over these.

Simon said...

I knochked the insulating layer off last night to get the photot :¬) Should I go out and hep snow back on the Hyacinth?

Tim said...


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