Sunday, 1 January 2012

Bonne Année 2012

Nos voeux plus chaleureux et vous souhaiter à tous une belle année 2012, avec bonheur et santé à la pelle!

I lifted this New Year greeting from a French woman's blog I used to read at the beginning of 2011, intending to use it for our blog today because I liked the sentiment and the way she has expressed it. However, since it turned out that she had a particularly stressful year, I now wonder if I should use it...

Oh what the heck!

'Our warmest wishes and we hope you all have a wonderful 2012, heaped with health and happiness'.

Can anyone guess whose blog this came from originally? She remains a very popular figure in France, but her husband has well and truly blotted his copybook.



  1. My guess is it must be the wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who stood by her husband when he 'blotted his copybook'. However I remember reading somewhere that his copybook was even more blotted than was originally thought.

    If it is Anne Sinclair I saw a billboard headline saying that she had been voted 'Woman of the Year' but didn't get the newspaper!

  2. Happy New Year to you two and Celestine!

    WV is "gunistro"... a restaurant where the shoot the food you've ordered... then cook it! Can't get fresher than that...

  3. My cassoulet is finally in the oven, and the pictures are taken. Happy New Year to you, S. and S. And to all your readers.

  4. Happy New-Year Susan and Simon from grey Montréal.

  5. Bonne et heureuse année à vous aussi Susan and Simon!