Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Or something shorts, something a, blue jeans.

I can't work out if the most visible piece survived because it was covered, or because it wasn't covered. I also can't work out if it is a "buy jeans from us" advert for a shop in town, or for a particular brand of jeans.



Tim said...

The first five letters are "SHORT" then a space and/or extra thick paint and an "A" just before the Super-U sign.
I've seen other BLUE-JEANS signage elsewhere... I think it was a brand.

The WV is 'dersoids'... comes from wearing damp jeans. But you can get an ointment...

Ken Broadhurst said...

Simon, have a look at this:
Mont Saint-Michel Blue Jeans

Saint-Quentin isn't far from Loches.

Simon said...

Ken - Super. I was about to post a ghost sign from Petit-Pressigny that is just the Mont St Michel logo with no indication that it is for clothing, so we have saved two mysteries

Tim said...

Why not add the Mont St Michel sign to this post, Simon.

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