Monday, 9 January 2012

What a difference...

... a couple of years make.

Not the house this time, but the weather.

31 December 2008
4 January 2011
These photos are taken from almost the same place and looking in the same direction, the difference being I was on opposite sides of the road. The difference in weather is alarming: on 31st December 2008 the maximum (maximum!!) temperature was 0°, with a minimum of -3°, on 4 January 2012 the maximum temperature was 10° with a minimum of 5°.

If we had been along this road on 31December 2011 we would have been experiencing a record temperature for this date: 13° maximum and 9° minimum.

I know you shouldn't confuse weather with climate, but it makes you think.



Colin and Elizabeth said...

The news this morning is that its only 1500 years to the next Ice Age!!!

Tim said...

Stop reading the Daily Sport.

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