Monday, 16 January 2012

Hello Winter

We had winter yesterday, and it's likely to continue for the next few days.

We like winter days like this
Not nasty, dark, wet, misty, clammy, chill through to the bone winter, but hard frost followed by sunshine winter, just like I remember from growing up in Canberra. It was -5°C overnight, and the frost lasted all day even though the temperature supposedly reached +5°C. This morning we are forecast the same temperature (for some reason, the temperature is at its lowest after sunrise), with icy roads and mists. I will not be reporting back about the accuracy of the forecasts.

Frosted leaves, mid afternoon
The new blog header was taken at about 2.45 yesterday afternoon. It looks beautiful, but I should have worn my gloves.



Tim said...

No mist.... Clear skies.... Temperature at its lowest at 5:17AM when we recorded -5.3C and it hovered round that until 6:50AM. Apparent temperature if you were mad enough, or needed to be to be, outside was -8C and it stayed that way on and off until gone 7AM.

WV is "galue"... 'cos we know you galue the feedback.

Leon Sims said...

A lower temp after sunrise is not uncommon here - After our morning 6.00 am bike ride it seems cloder at 7.45 after our coffee stop, or maybe my old bones just feel that way.

Jean said...

That blue sky is just beautiful. It was cold and sunny here at the weekend but the sky is never that blue.
It's below freezing here this morning and an incredible 13°C colder than last Monday. I don't mind, as this is how it should be in January. If it's too warm I find it unsettling.

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