Thursday, 26 January 2012

These Boots Were Made for Squelching

Today is Australia Day, so we like to post something that has an Australian theme, and even better if it demonstrates a link between Australia and France. Last year's post is here and the previous year can be read here.

This year I thought I'd introduce you to my new rubber boots. They weren't sent to me by an unusually patriotic friend. I bought them in Chatellerault. They were in Max Plus, a shop that sells off excess stock cheaply. They cost 7€ and are made by Bata.

I haven't owned a pair of rubber boots since I was a child, partly because once I became an adult I could never find any that were affordable and fitted around my calves comfortably. Amazingly, these ones do, so that combined with the small price and the irresistably apt motif, I had to buy them.

Squelching through the springtime clay of our vegetable garden will be an altogether more manageable proposition this year.

At the same time I picked up some good quality jodhpurs for just 15€ a pair. Laughing.



  1. Well, if you've got the jodhpurs... you'll have to get an 'orse... and that'll cut down the mowing in the orchard!
    As for the boots... I know what you mean about 'fit'... but I think the manufacturers have realized that a lot of certain sizes weren't selling... and many now are larger round the calf.
    ME... I want an adult sized pair of those "Frog" boots that the kiddies can get... low level camoflague sorted!

  2. Hoping that you and Simon had a very enjoyable Aussie Day - a few sausages on the BBQ and a beer just to celebrate under a cloudless sky was very enjoyable down here.
    Love the boots.

  3. The boots are great and the price is good. But even when I see a sign "le vrai hard shopping" in France I'm still not tempted. I figure the "hard discount" in France is still going to be more than I would pay at home. Though to be fair, I think the area we live in is the price sink of our entire state.

  4. I love the wellies although they are probably not called wellies in Australia!
    Did you notice any with Welsh dragons on them?

  5. Tim: as you know, I would love a clapped out Percheron or Comtois as my large grazing animal. Unfortunately, I'd have to get it a friend, re-fence the orchard so it was suitable for horses and have somewhere I could agist them for the 50 weeks of the year they were not required on the orchard.
    L&S: salt roasted prawns and a Touraine sauvignon blanc here.
    Carolyn: yes, France doesn't do serious discounting.
    Gaynor: no dragons I'm afraid.

  6. Happy Australia day to you both, if prawns were involved, it sounds like you had a good one.
    We had a lovely sunny,warm day here, after almost a week of drizzle and cloud, soon to be followed by another week of rain, rain, rain.
    The gumboots look awesome,better than drab old black etc.
    I keep one of those BIG IKEA plastic bags in the car for muddy boots, potplants etc,saved me cleaning up many messes.