Tuesday, 17 January 2012

La Galette hollandaise

Early January is the season of the galette des rois in France. Galettes des rois come in the classic version, which is two discs of puff pastry sandwiched together with frangipane (a paste made from ground almonds, sugar, eggs and butter). Fancier ones have fruit (often pears) or more exotic nuts. Ingrid and Huub brought us a very nice pistachio one purchased at LeaderPrice recently.

Galette hollandaise.
More recently still, Chris and Annie brought us a galette hollandaise. None of us had encountered one of these before. It had the usual accessories - gold cardboard crown, ceramic feve (in this case, in the shape of a Tour de France yellow jersey wearer). It was particularly good and was made by their local boulangerie-patisserie I think. Tim and Pauline stayed to lunch after an excursion to the Preuilly market to buy bitter oranges for marmalade, and some wedges of galette hollandaise went down very well with homemade proper custard (egg yolks leftover - for once - due to Simon's current macaroon baking phase).

A nice thick layer of frangipane inside.
I really should get round to making one of these seasonal galettes myself, so, curious to see what made the difference between the ordinary ones and the 'Dutch' style ones, I searched for recipes. Apparently the galettes hollandaises have a macaronnade spread over the top (basically a frothier version of the filling). This looks like a good recipe, which I might try in due course.



Tim said...

You makka, we eatta.... it was much nicer than the GdesR. Veerrrry tasty scran.

WV..turgulte... too full from eating galette des rois.

Pollygarter said...

To translate the above, the galette hollandaise was excellent. Many of the commercial galettes des rois are diappointingly cardboardy.

Tim said...

When you say leftover yolks.... does that imply that the Macaroonie Man only used the whites... 'cos 'is recipe don't say so... and I only just had enough liquid from two whole eggs to bind the same quantity of ingredients.??

Simon said...

Tim. The macaroonies use whole eggs. The egg yolks were left over from a cake I made.

GaynorB said...

I love all kinds of almond filing in cakes. Perhaps one year, in the not too distant future, we will be able to visit in January and sample all there is to offer!
Enjoy ...

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