Friday, 20 January 2012

I Need a Right Hand, Man

Yesterday we had our second delivery of wood for this winter. Contrast this with our first year here where we were getting wood every 3 weeks or so, and you will realise how much difference insulating the house has made. Even though this winter has been almost tropical compared to the last two years these old stone houses do get cold - even on midsummer mornings it can be chilly inside.


Yesterday Edouard delivered a couple of steres of wood, so I searched out a pair of gloves so I could help unload (so what if I have delicate hands - I'm an artiste).

Couldn't find a pair. Plenty of gloves, no pairs. Even worse, plenty of gloves: all for the left hand.


PS Edouard has just taken on a new allocation of trees in the forest and has managed to knacker his right arm by sawing and carting 100 steres of firewood in less than a week.

PPS Assuming this current delivery of 5 steres lasts the winter out, our heating expenses come to under 400 euros for the 2011-12 season. A total of about 9 steres, compared to about 14 last winter.


Leon Sims said...

Simon - I have the same trouble with socks, well yes I know that they are not left or right but I have a son!!!
He steals my sock, yes sock, not a pair of socks. So I get many good socks and others that have holes, go stiff and smelly.
Oh, well. We'll be empty nesters soon (He's off to Canada)and I'll have nothing to complain about, But I will miss him.

Ken Broadhurst said...

This must be a case of your left hand not knowing what your right hand is doing!

Simon said...

Ken - if it was just that, it wouldn't be notable enough to comment on...

Leon - what else is he going to polish his bike with, if not your socks?

Jean said...

Our odd sock drawer could rival your odd glove drawer !!

Tim said...

In the Unseen University a Sock-eating monster lurks in the laundry... all your renovations might have disturbed "Le Monstre qui Mange les Gants Droits"

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