Wednesday 4 January 2012


Now that we have a kitchen we have started unpacking items like mixing bowls, cake tins, oven trays and wire racks. We haven't unpacked everything, but are treating ourselves occasionally to the contents of another box.

To celebrate, I have made a couple of batches of the simplest biscuits I know. The recipe I started with was for coconut macaroons, but I have modified it to make them slightly genteel - but be warned, these aren't your effete multicoloured macaron from Laudree, they're a proper biscuit.

2 eggs
60g (2 oz) desiccated coconut
170g (6 oz) almond meal
150g (5 oz) sugar

Beat the eggs, stir in dry stuff and mix well.

Turn the oven on at 180c (350f) and put baking paper on a tray. This allows the mixture to blend while the oven heats up.

When the oven reaches temperature (or 20 minutes later) dip your hands in cold water, divide the mixture into 16, and roll each piece into a ball which you put on the tray and flatten slightly.

Put tray in oven for 25 minutes, then remove from the baking sheet, and put on a wire rack.

These are actually best if you can manage not to quality control them all before they have cooled, but hey ho - it's not like baking another batch is very difficult...



Liselle said...

Right... I'm there. Put the coffee on :-)

Tim said...

Pauline was intending to make some madelines using Jean's recipe today.... but I think I'll get the ingredients for these later and have a go mesel'!

WV is "Phinguaw"... the sound made by someone qwality controling still hot macaroonies...

Autolycus said...

Another simple sort of "macaroon" is simply ground almonds and chopped stem ginger with an egg to bind. They come out like little marzipan cakes, and don't usually stay on the plate for long. I wonder what they would be like with, say, dried cranberries instead.....

Tim said...

Just made these with ground hazelnuts [everyone had bought up the almonds for homemade marzipan]; they have worked 'bootifully'.

Altered the ingredient ratio though... 125g coconut / 125g ground nuts / 130g sugar... still comes to 380g.... but means that you've used up all the packet of coconut and all the packet of hazelnuts... no little amounts floating around the kitchen store cupboard!

WV is 'singe' but I didn't burn them and there was no monkeying around.

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