Friday, 6 January 2012


I don't think this 2cv was on its way to a concourse. Not unless there is a category for "totally original condition, towing a trailerload of cabbages".



  1. Ahh!! A special post just for us...
    Late '70s Club![#] Being used as a Deuche should be... for gathering in the harvest! And looking at the rear suspension, there are more cabbages inside...
    Don't try asking us for a lift if we are in the 2CVs... we'd hate to offend... the back seats are never in.
    And less about the condition... this is "concours" for a 2CV...
    [#] The rectangular headlights were introduced in '74. The Black stips on the bumpers came in in 1979... and the headlights went back to being round in '80. Vert Bambou was used as a colour from 9/75 to 9/79. (info from the 2CVGB Handbook... my Christmas present from Pauline.)
    And note the 'e' on deuche... cars are female... hence their tempermental nature.

  2. Damn.... lost me 'r's in stips.

    Come on Blogga... let us edit comments we've made after posting them.

    WV is "whiti"... something I am often not!!

  3. I just love photos like this! It's this side of France that will always be charming to me!

  4. Designed to drive thru a farmers paddock with a basket of eggs and not break a single one....

  5. Great picture. I saw a really old (1950s? maybe) 2CV at Auchan near Blois this morning. It was wearing its cache-sexe and everything — in beautiful condition. Should have gone back to my car for my camera to take a picture, but didn't.

  6. Ican almost smell the fresh air and I have to restrain my left foot from reaching for the clutch.

  7. Tim: I assume Deuch is masculine because cheval is masculine.

  8. I'm pretty sure Deuche is feminine because voiture is feminine. It's une 2CV (une deux chevaux)or une deuche.

    Here's a joke I found on

    Une deuche tombe en panne sur l'autoroute. (Eh oui ça arrive.) Une Mercedes s'arrête. Palabres entre les deux conducteurs et ils se mettent d'accord: 'Je vais vous remorquer. Si il y a un problème, klaxonnez.'

    Les voila repartis, la deuche à 5 mètres derrière la Mercedes. 30 km/h : OK. 50: OK. ... 100: OK ... 180 toujours OK.

    À 250 km/h, le deuchiste trouve ça un peu limite et klaxonne comme prévu pour le faire ralentir.

    Manque de bol : contrôle radar. Le gendarme téléphone à ses collègues du péage:

    'J'en crois pas mes yeux : j'ai flashé une Mercedes à 250 à l'heure. mais le pire, c'est qu'elle était suivie par une deuche qui klaxonnait pour la doubler.'

  9. Thank you Ken! That joke will be winging its way to the UK and into our UK club magazine! Superb... however, it could be based on reality... in the UK there is a Red Special with a black stripe on its off-side front wing.
    The black stripe is to commemorate the day it caught fire. So what... it is a turbocharged 2CV! What happened originally was that they had left the original cardboard and foam heater tubes in place... they caught fire. The rebuild now has metal tubes... in and out, with a rockwool filling. The car has been clocked at 275kph / 172 mph.... so what's the French for "Voorsprung dirk Technik"?

    WV is "boxia"... as in faster than a Porche Boxia!